USA Dance (Ozarks) Chapter #2044

About Us


The original name of USA Dance was the United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA). It was formed in 1965. The name change to USA Dance was effected because it was felt that United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association was just too cumbersome. And with every use of the acronym USABDA, one was asked "What does that stand for?" Those not yet into dancing had no idea what USABDA was all about. It was March, 2005 that the national board decided to adopt USA Dance as the new national name. This resulted in more uniformity and fewer questions. The new name also more clearly defined the purpose of the organization.

The Springfield Chapter gained its national chapter status in 1999 with the completion of the forms required of all new chapters. Thanks for this work is due to Patricia and Frank Sundstrom and their interested circle of dance friends for their devotion to seeing this project to completion. Their time and organizational talents brought us to the joys of dancing we have today.


USA Dance promotes and supports special ballroom dance programs in colleges and secondary schools across the land to attract beginners to ballroom dancing. It encourages and assists these dancers in meeting the goals of their new found sport. There is not a college chapter in the Springfield area at the present time.

Beneficial aspects include the promotion of good health as a result of the exercise gained from ballroom dancing. The physical combined with the mental and social benefits make dancing an unbeatable activity.

The Ozarks Chapter is supportive of the dance clubs, studios, and other organizations offering dance activities to the community.